Young Girls During COVID-19 Pandemic

As I am typing, I am thinking about my younger female friend, who is having difficulty with the pandemic. I remembered good and bad memories of seeing her growing up. She is in a phase of finding her true self and learning to be comfortable in her skin. I introduced her to makeup and showed her how to have fun creating different looks. I must say she has gotten good at the eye wing liner. Her style has changed from wearing a flowery dress to a gothic fashionista.

She is finding her style in her own experience, which will help her ease her anxiety. I’ve discovered her personality to be vulnerable when she has no interaction with her friends. It’s sad to see many teenage girls are going through a rough time. When in school, there’s limited interaction in class as well.

Spending time with online friends and family members is the best way to communicate and seeing them on video chat. I use it myself to keep my soul alive and well. Also, being home can be repetitious, but some things I do to keep my sanity are running on the treadmill, writing blogs, and organizing.

I hope my post helps you understand the importance of young girls needing support, love, and caring in these pandemic times. I would love to hear your feelings and thoughts. Feel free to comment.


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